Biochar Pt. 2: Too Good to be True?

In my last post, I talked about some background and the benefits of a substance called biochar. At the end I posed the question why isn't biochar a more mainstream and wider used method of carbon sequestering and soil fertilization?  So far, the biochar market has not gained the recognition and investments needed to make it… Continue reading Biochar Pt. 2: Too Good to be True?


Biochar Pt. 1: Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

I recently stumbled upon an article in The Guardian called "20 big green ideas" and I was incredibly impressed by advancements in green technology over the years, but one idea that I found particularly interesting was the idea of using biochar to reduce greenhouse gas emissions...

Rainwater Harvesting in Grand Ravine, Haiti pt. 3

In my last post I talked about the catchment and conveyance portions of my team's rainwater harvesting design in Grand Ravine. Now I will explain the final portion of our design: storage...