I’d like to use this blog to talk about environmental and health engineering, engineering practices in developing countries, and some other stuff along the way. I want to challenge ideas about what engineering looks like and show that it can exist outside of academia.

Outside of the technical part of it, engineering is defined as “the action of working artfully to bring something about” [1]. I truly believe that engineering and human design are the Art of the Earth, hence the blog title. The human race has learned how to exist on this incredible planet via innovation, but somewhere along the way we have forgotten how to exist with it. I want to expand upon that notion and explore different innovative and sustainable practices that we can learn from globally.

Often times, our more advanced solutions fail to consider the people/environments that they will impact the most. Marginalized and developing communities often bear the brunt of our mistakes and my goal as I continue on professionally is to address, and hopefully fix, that.

Since so much of this process involves team work and collaboration,  I’d love to hear your comments and new ideas or discoveries.


1. Engineering definition from Dictionary.com

1 thought on “Hello!”

  1. hello!!

    sounds great and I can’t help but agree with you. humans came from the earth and all we do is use it as we see fit and for our own gain without much care for nature. hopefully one day we can live completely in union son with the planet and with what it gives to use. we need to create a truly symbiotic relationship with earth. this relationship is something that will only aid us, Especially as we start exploring alien planets. Are you interested into getting into biological engineering?


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